Kenya Videos

I finally worked through our videos from our trip to Kenya.

Trip to Esther's, part one:

If you listen closely during the song, you can hear them say "Rodgers" sometimes. Rodgers could have spoken up a little more when he was translating... At the end Wilson was saying that they weren't going to let us leave; then Rodgers held up the car keys.

Trip to Esther's, part two:

The song the kids are singing says something about the wedding of Uncle Rodgers. It's a very traditional way to perform a song. They sing while marching out and line up. After the song ends, they start up again and march off.

Celebration at RBC:

This is a Thursday afternoon church service. We started off by singing one of Rodgers' favorite songs. Then, speeches. Oh, the speeches. Alistone, one of Rodgers' BFFs, spoke first, then one of his daughters. There were lots more after, but not translated loud enough for the video. And they went on and on and on... Rodgers' speech was the longest. I cut it short here, though. :)

Videos from MBC's mission trip (the week before I was in Kenya) are being uploaded as we speak.


  1. sorry ive been MIA for a while! Ifinally am catching up on blogs~! Your trip to kenya looked awesome! such a cool experience fot nate!


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