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We're doing a bit of gardening now that it is rainy.

Ben especially wants to plant everything. He came home with a pocketful of tree seeds at the end of the term in April.

He asked me to cut the top off of a water bottle for him to use to plant the seeds. I suggested planting them in the ground because there were so many, but he wanted them together. So he dropped 32 tree seeds in the bottom of the water bottle, dumped some dirt on top, and started watering it.

I was doubtful, but weeks later, one sprouted. A couple of weeks after that, there were a few more. Finally, I decided to separate the 5 or 6 seedlings so that they could grow better. I discovered that 15 others were putting down roots! Now Ben has a legit little grove of trees he's tending to.

Rodgers is cultivating a little jungle of our own around The Coffee Cottage (our tiny house on his family land). He pays 350 shillings a piece for seedlings like Ben's. He was very excited to see what Ben grew and has alread…

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