2010 in pictures

I like writing Christmas letters to put with our Christmas cards to let people know what we're up to. Last year, we sent a letter, but I also did a year-in-pictures review here. What would be in the letter is essentially a summary of our year, which the pictures accomplish as well, in a much more interesting way. So this year, no Christmas letter from us, it's all in here:

Halfway through January, Nate was born. What more can I say?

 In February, there was snow. The first time Rodgers experienced snow, he was newly arrived from Kenya, and it was entirely too cold for him to enjoy. This time, he was used to the cold and played in the snow like a child. Nate, on the other hand, did not enjoy the snow.


Our first wedding anniversary was in March. After a weekend on the coast (with my parents babysitting our almost-2-month-old baby overnight), we stopped by Pam's house to introduce her to Nate.

We spent Easter at Camp Tejas with my extended family on my dad's side. Here we are with my siblings, sibs-in-law, niece, nephew, and parents.

My first Mother's Day as a mother! Rodgers and Nate gave me a super soft, cozy, pink robe, to replace my no longer super one that is very old.

In June, we began introducing Nate to various kinds of food. He's eating peas in this picture. I love how he's looking at Rodgers. He loved every food that he tried! Rodgers thought it was easier to feed him while holding him. He wasn't sitting up very well back then and usually ended up sort of lounging in Rodgers' lap.

Nate's first 4th of July was on the beach! It was past bedtime, and he was already in his pjs (and sunhat before the sun went down), but he watched fireworks. He wasn't afraid of the big noise. We thought we were watching a real fireworks show, but as the evening went on, we realized that what we were seeing down the beach were many beachgoers setting off their own fireworks.

Nate and I went to England the last week of July for Cat's wedding, before heading down to Kenya to join Rodgers for a quick trip to see his family the first week of August. 

Nate met Nyanya (that's Esther or Mama Esther to you and me) in August. She can't wait to see him again, but it will probably be about a year before we get to go back. 

We spent Labor Day Saturday in Bastrop. Nate and James were interacting more than when they were younger. In this picture, they both have lipstick on their cheeks from Gigi's kisses. I always think that Nate's skin is quite pale, until I see him with James. 

With the cooler weather in October, and my days of free time (since I lost my job Oct 1), we started taking Nate to the park. He loved the swing! Towards the end of the month his cousin Lauren came to visit us (with her parents, of course). It was a really sunny day, so no pictures turned out well, but they had fun swinging together.
There's no pictorial representation of it, but Rodgers started a new job in October, working with troubled teenage girls. It sounds like a nightmare to many people, but it's a great place for him. He's very good at his job, and he enjoys it, too!

Thanksgiving!!! It was a short two days that we spent with my family, but it was a good time. I really loved watching the cousins play together (i.e. next to each other).

2010 was a very fun, and very fast, year. God has definitely blessed us abundantly. 
We are anticipating big things in 2011, including, but not limited to, Nate's first birthday, Nate learning to walk and speak, and me becoming employed again! Click on the Nathanael tab at the top of the page to find out what Nate's been up to lately.
I failed to mention that Rodgers was in Kenya in July with our church on a mission trip. We are looking forward to seeing more missionaries come out of this body of believers. We are also looking forward to starting a shiny, new children's ministry in February. Big, new, amazing, fun things are happening at this church. God's doing some work here, and we are trying to stay right in the middle of it.


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