I want preseeeeeeeents!

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We took Nate to Toys R Us today to get his birthday presents. We had a $5 off coupon from the Birthday Club, plus a TRU gift card, plus some cash he got at his birthday party. So, we ended up spending... $0.

We found this really awesome Elmo spinning chair, but didn't get it. It would have taken more than half of his birthday money, and then we couldn't get him an umbrella stroller. Rodgers thought it wasn't fair to make Nate buy his own stroller with his birthday money, but I don't think it will really make a difference to him one way or the other.
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I love our Metrolite stroller, but I've really been wanting something more compact, especially since he's getting too big to be worn in the Baby Bjorn or sling. Rodgers really likes the Jeep umbrella stroller, but we went with the cheaper one instead.

He got two toys, one which he picked out himself. He got a flip phone, which sings "Lalalala Elmo's World," and the buttons make noises too. He knows the song and giggles when he hears it. If you've seen the newest videos on our YouTube channel, you will see that Nate loves opening and closing flip phones.
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There is a piano in the church nursery he loves to play. So when he saw a piano at the store, he got very excited. He was too excited to even touch it at first, he just kind of looked at it in awe. But after Rodgers played a few notes, Nate got into it too. Rodgers put it in our basket so we could buy it. Nate threw a fit and tried to get another one off the shelf. He thought we were just taking the toy away from him. We let him hold his piano until we checked out. He was so happy.
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So, there you have it. Nate's first birthday is now complete.


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