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Nate's too big to cram into the Bumbo anymore. He hates restaurant high chairs. He's not that fond of his high chair anymore, plus we have a very small apartment and not really much room for a high chair. We should have gone the space saver route, but went the "whatever we can find for $20 on craigslist" route. It's a nice high chair. But, we're over it. He needs a portable booster chair.

Since Nate's going to be staying with his grandparents next weekend, (WAHOO!!) I thought now would be a great time to go ahead and get the booster, and he can take it with him to their house. It came in the mail today. It's not fancy at all, but I chose it for the price and because it folds up so tiny. As I was strapping it into our dining room chair, Nate was very interested. He inspected the straps and giggled in anticipation of whatever this new game was. He was thrilled to sit in a real chair at the table with me while we ate dinner!

We had one of Nate's favorite meals, too: black beans, brown rice, and green peas (which were still on the stove when the picture was taken). And he ate really well, too, which always makes me happy.

The past few days, he has been more interested in sleep than food. Actually yesterday, he fell asleep for his nap before lunch. Rodgers was holding him while he was drinking some milk, and the next thing we knew, he was out. That hasn't happened in...I don't remember the last time he drank himself to sleep. Today, Nate's still sleeping well, but eating better. I'm thinking maybe a little growth spurt? Who knows?

QOTW (quote of the whatever):
explanation: QOTW is a random quote from a movie, TV show, book, song, or sometimes even real life which happens to be in my head at the time I'm blogging. I used to do it on my very first blog, and I've had some votes to bring it back. I want to bring it back, too, so I am! I will not post the source at first so that readers who want to show off their knowledge of quotes can do so by posting the source. Hopefully I'll remember to post the source later, though, so that we're not left wondering where the quote came from. Now that that's settled, here we go!
"You're going the right way for a smacked bottom."


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