A while back I had blogged about purging our unused/unneeded possessions. As we were packing to move, we purged even further. Being that we moved into a furnished apartment, we went to the extreme of selling most of our furniture. It really feels good to be free of things. As a result, we moved in Friday, I have a toddler and an infant, my husband hasn't been here most of the time (he's still working at his old job and camping out at the old apartment this week), and I only have 2 boxes that are not unpacked. Not that I'm such a good unpacker, we just didn't have much.

Nate and his cousin chasing each other around the kitchen island at cousin's house.
Nate is loving living in the country (our new home is an apartment in a barn at a retreat center/camp). He gets to play outside all the time. His cousin lives right down the road. Nate is a bit too rough for his cousin sometimes, but they usually play really well together. He is sleeping better at night, which I think is him coming out of the 18-20 months sleep regression (at 21 months, but I think he started it at 19). He is still a handful, still throws fits, still refuses to eat sometimes - he's still a toddler after all. However, things are going better with him. It's a one bedroom apartment, so his crib is in our bedroom. There is also a bunkbed in there, and we are going to try to get him used to a big boy bed soon. We just thought that he would make the move transition easier if he had his familiar bed to sleep in.

The living room is big, and we are using the loveseat with a bookcase behind it as a partition to make Ben's bedroom on one end. At 6 weeks old, he is starting to get on a schedule. This is all new since last week. He is up for the day around 5:30 (4:50 yesterday). I've tried to get him to eat/play/sleep during the day, but usually it's eat/play/eat/sleep repeat. He has been taking a good afternoon nap about the same time as Nate's. It didn't happen yesterday, but he did Monday and Tuesday and today! He gets fussy and cluster-feeds starting about 7 pm and goes to bed around 9. He gets up to eat once during the night (it had been 2 or 3 times).

Rodgers will start his new job here at the camp on Monday. What will he be doing? I really don't know. :)

My c-section recovery has been a breeze. I am feeling great! I need to buy some new pants because my hips are bigger now than they were right after Nate was born. I can barely squeeze into my old pants and they look horrible. I have only one pair of jeans and one pair of black dress pants that fit well.

Next item on my agenda: establish a new schedule for us.


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