No sir, Ben!

Ben is grabby these days. He grabs on to anything he can. He holds his paci, burp cloth, and toys. He grabs my shirt and hair. When I'm feeding him, he holds on to the back of the chair with one hand and my fingers with the other. He grabs Nate anytime Nate is within range.

Nate is in a "No! It's MIIIIIIIIIINE!" phase. You'd think the whole world belongs to him. We are working on the words "share" and "take turns" and things like, "No, Nate, that's Mama's but you may use it."

Today, after eating, Ben was sitting in my lap. Nate came over and gave Ben a big hug. Ben loved it, giggled, and grabbed Nate's arm. Nate did not like that.

"No it's MYYYYYYYY arm! No sir, Ben!"

He shook his finger at Ben.

"No sir! It's my arm! It's my clothes! No sir, Ben!"

Poor Ben, being scolded before he's even hit 4 months old.


  1. And I'm supposed to keep them ... when? What FUN I'll have!!!!


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