don't pee on...

[This is a post about potty training.]

Nate is now totally daytime potty trained. He wears training pants at naptime, but almost always wakes up dry. He wears a diaper at night, and almost always gets up wet. We are not sure whether he's peeing as soon as he's awake or peeing during the night.

He had been wearing diapers away from home, but decided last week that he doesn't want to anymore. Public toilets aren't common here, so often, he ends up peeing on the side of the road, but really, that's what everyone else does, too. And by everyone else, I mean men, women (myself excluded), and children, not just newly-potty-trained kids.

Over the course of buying training pants, I noticed that some have cute pictures on them, and they promote that as a way to encourage your child to keep them dry. "Don't pee on the frogs..." I never tried this tactic with Nate, and I am quite sure it would backfire. He loves peeing on things. Typical boy.

Since all of our potties are upstairs, when we are downstairs he usually pees outside, in the grass. It's just easier on all of us. Upstairs, he uses the potty, and all poops go in the potty. No pooping outside.

Last week, he dropped a Dora sticker outside, then rediscovered it once when he was peeing. Now, he keeps going back to that same place to pee. "I wanna pee on Dora!"

can't even tell it's Dora anymore.


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