We had quite a lovely weekend in Malindi. It's not a holiday weekend here (Labor Day already happened for us), but we'd been invited to visit our country church and decided to make a weekend of it, rather than a 6 hour round trip day trip.

We stayed in a hotel we've stayed in before. Last time, the fans in our room were super noisy and the mosquito nets were insufficient. We all got mosquito bitten and hardly slept because it was either noisy or hot. Still, we liked the place itself. So we told them, and this time they gave us a 2 bedroom flat, with screens on the windows and quiet fans. They gave us a good deal on half board (breakfast and supper), and we ate lunches in our flat. We played in the pool and went shopping in the Malindi Tourist Market. My sister-in-law also took me shopping in the non-tourist shops for some Swahili sandals, since I'd forgotten to pack shoes to wear with my dress Sunday. They have them in the Tourist Market, but they are more expensive for tourists.

The boys and me playing in the rooftop pool

With the breeze, Ben was too cold in the pool. He was shivering, but he didn't want to get out. The look on his face here tells me he's plotting against me.

Rodgers helped Nate jump and splash in the pool. Ben was super jealous.

Church was both good and frustrating. The service was great, they gave us gifts, Rodgers preached. But Nate is becoming unmanageable for me during church. If Rodgers isn't preaching or if I can get Ben to let someone else hold him, Nate is fine. But if it's just me and I'm holding Ben, he figures no one is going to make him mind so he can wreak havoc. Usually, I end up holding Ben under one arm and Nate under the other and going outside to wait for Rodgers to finish preaching. I miss church nursery.

My boys. They were supposed to wear their matching shoes, but I couldn't get Ben to keep his on. They're leather and kind of tight. We'll have to practice wearing shoes I guess.

Rodgers and the boys at church, listening to the choir singing - before the sermon, obviously.


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