Just want to brag on the baby real quick.

We started teaching Nate some signs before he started talking. He knew milk, eat, more, and made up his own sign for bath. About the time he started really catching on, though, he also started learning to speak several words each week. The last sign I taught him was diaper, and the first time he used it, he also said, "die-die." He was becoming so verbal that we just stopped teaching him signs.

Ben has spoken a few words, but usually when he says a new one (this week, he learned to say ball), he will say it once or even a few times, then we don't hear it again. He is picking up signs like crazy, though.

He signs: milk, eat, more, juice, water, blanket, Nate (had to make that one up - "brother" motions with the hand making a letter N), cracker, sleep, ball, and diaper. When he learned blanket, he also used that sign for paci. Since then, he has apparently realized that they are two separate things and that each thing should have its own sign. He points to his mouth to sign paci.

It's pretty cool that he can communicate with us!


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