I'm going to talk about water again

Again. Because it's soooooo annoying. Before Ben's birthday, we had 3 straight weeks of water running almost every day. It was awesome! Our water storage doesn't go into my kitchen, so to have running water in the kitchen, we have to actually have running water.

It's been 4 weeks since Ben's birthday, and we've had water one day. And only part of a day at that. Our stored water lasted a couple of weeks.

We talked to someone who works for the water company, and they told us, off the record, that the water company had not paid their electric bill and had been cut off by the power company.

About the time our storage was running dry, people who live in other parts of town started having water running again. Apparently they got things worked out with the power company. But we still didn't have water. For the past 2 weeks, we've been filling jugs at friends' houses and bringing water into our house that way. We got additional 100L and 210L barrels so that we could refill the jugs before they were used up (or we'd have to work out a way to climb up the 1000L barrel and dump the jugs in there).

The water company is not bothered that our water isn't running. We've talked to so many people - plumbers and such - about checking to see what the problem is, since the water company doesn't really care. However, the water company is so unreliable, everyone assumes there isn't actually a problem.

Today Rodgers talked to the real estate agent who is in charge of our lease and the owner of the house, basically telling them that we can't continue living here if the water isn't running. The agent knows we are planning to move anyway, but if he keeps us happy, we just may lease through him again. And he knows we pay our rent in full and on time. So he's motivated.

The owner told us that our water line only serves 3 houses. Maybe that's why the water company isn't motivated to restore our water. Regardless, he said he would personally dig up the line tomorrow to see if he can find the problem.


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