he'll never sleep late again

Ben the Builder poses with a tower he constructed
It has been hot lately, like sweating all day long, 90+ degrees in the house kind of hot. Nate's old companion, heat rash, has been showing up here and there.

Last night and early this morning, it rained. The rain was so soothing and comfortable. It was nice and cool this morning. Nate, Ben, and I were all enjoying sleeping in the rain so much that we slept until Rodgers marched through the house telling everyone "Wake up, it's late!" We let Ben sleep a little longer, since he doesn't have to get ready for school.

As usual, Rodgers left the news on in the living room, and Nate wanted to eat breakfast at the coffee table. After getting Nate's breakfast ready, I checked on Ben. He was either still sleeping or faking really well. Then, I went to get myself a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, Nate was calling out everything interesting he saw on the news. Suddenly, they were showing images from a construction site.

Nate yelled out, "IT'S SCOOOP!!!" (i.e. the backhoe digger from Bob the Builder.)

Ben came running down the hall. "I'm awake! Where's Scoop?!"


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