Nate on marriage

Nate once told me this girl from Jungle Book would be his wife.
Nate and Ben have been asking questions about our wedding pictures. With our anniversary last month, we had more chances to talk about what weddings and marriage mean. They have been to weddings before, but they don't remember them. And, being that there are no girls in this family to influence TV and movie selections, the characters in our shows are too busy fighting aliens, mutants, robots, and monsters to have weddings.

Now, when Nate and Ben see a woman in a white dress, then say, "She's getting married like you, Mom!" That's any white dress, not just wedding dresses.

Our friends' daughter got married Saturday, and we all went to the wedding. I quized Nate on his understanding afterwards.

Me: Why do people get married?
<blank stare>
Me: Ok...what does 'married' mean?
Nate: Married is when you love people and maybe kiss them sometimes and hug them and bring them food. That's about it.
Me: How do you know when you love someone?
Nate: (with conviction) I just know! Precious got married just like you and Dad got married.
Me: We're still married. You know, when you get married it isn't just for one day. You're married forever. (We're not ready for the subject of divorce.)
Nate: When I'm a grown up I'm going to be married forever. I'm going to cook jambalaya for my wife, my kids, and me!

Rodgers especially liked the "bring them food" part of being married.

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  1. This is so funny! I sure wish my husband brought me food more often! Haha. Thanks for linking up to Mamas Tell All!

  2. Lol he's pretty clever! My poor five year old gets the word married and buried confused. My bro in law is getting married in Sept and when we told zander that his uncle would be getting married, a wave if panic set into his face and he said "but what will happen with my cousin???" Thinking his uncle and fiance would be sent to heaven and leaving his cousin alone. Soo we had to explain the difference in words lol

  3. kiss them, hug them, & bring them food... sounds about right! Ha! What a cutie! :) Thanks for linking up again!


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