Psalms for Advent

We've used the same Advent readings with our Advent Calendar for 2 years, and we'll use the same ones again. I like the repetition for the boys. The theme of the readings is Who Is Jesus? According to the prophets, Gospels, himself, Paul.

For myself, I want something different this year. I compiled a list of Psalms for Advent.

It starts a little melancholy. If you're an American, you've just celebrated Thanksgiving, thanking God for all he has done in your life, especially the past 12 months. But have you grieved your losses from 2015? Have you let God begin healing the hurts from the year? Let's start this by bringing our broken hearts to God.

From there, we move to some Messianic Psalms mixed with some which simply put us in a mood of waiting, hoping for salvation.

We will meditate on Psalms about the rejection and betrayal of Christ, his suffering, death, and resurrection, followed by Psalms about the Triumphant Messiah and forgiveness of sins.

We finish off with Psalms of rejoicing and praising God.

The list is here on the right. It runs Dec 1 through Dec 24 and ends with an extra Psalm for the Sunday after Christmas. I'll be posting a Psalm each day, with a brief explanation of why it was chosen, on the Maisha Kamili Facebook page. Maisha Kamili Kenya's focus in December is discipleship and the MKK Christmas party; posting my Advent readings fits right in!


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