Life Hacks

One of the shows Nate and Ben watch has an episode in which one character films himself doing life hacks to share online. They all start out seeming like good tips, then go horribly wrong in the end. Nate and Ben have started composing their own life hacks, some of which I have shared on Facebook or Instagram. Those I remember will be recorded for posterity:


If it's hot just wear nothing else and sleep in boxers. Life hack!

If you don't have any hazelnut (Nutella), just get some toothpaste, put it in a bowl, and stir it up with a toothbrush. Life hack! (Editor's note: I can't recommend this one.)

If you don't have a stocking, get your Christmas tree star. Put toothpaste on it. Cover it in garbage. Hang it there for your stocking. Life hack! (Editor's note: I'm not sure why he suddenly used toothpaste in all of his life hacks.)

How do you make food? Get butter, orange, banana, and mahamri. Mix them together. It's food! Life hack!

If you want to make ice pops, but you're out of juice, just get a raw mango, put it in a cup and bake it. Then add ice cream, put it in an ice cream cone, and put it in the fridge. Then you take it out and put frosting on top, and that's an ice pop! Life hack! (Editor's note: That's not exactly how we made those pictured.)


If you can't breathe through your nose, just breathe through your mouth. Life hack!

If you're fishing and you don't have anywhere to put your fish, just put it in a bucket. Life hack!

If you're making toast, just put butter on bread and stick it in the toaster. Then you don't have to butter the toast. Life hack! (Editor's note: This method is not recommended.)

Need to make a hazelnut sandwich, but you don't have any hazelnut? Make it with peanut butter and milk mixed together. Life hack!

Stay tuned. I'm sure more will be forthcoming.


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