good news(es)

If one is "good news" is two "good newses?"

Number one

our starter stash
When we were ready to have Nate in cloth diapers 100%, we only had enough diapers to last one day. We had been making our stash last 48 hours by supplementing with disposables. My goal was to have enough to last 72 hours, though we would ideally do laundry every 48. That would give us some wiggle room if drying took longer or if we weren't able to wash right on time every time. We did have enough prefolds that we could have stretched our stash that way, but he was very resistant to wearing prefolds, and rather than fight him, we would just go with disposables.

We didn't have the budget to get enough good, new diapers, so I stalked our local Craigslist for a couple of weeks, looking for used diapers. We ended up buying 21 Sunbaby diapers for $1 each. These are horrible, leaky diapers. But, that many, for that price, I decided we could change Nate every 90 minutes if needed. And we did need to. I ended up replacing the microfiber inserts with microfiber car-washing towels. Two of those, trifolded, and we could go 2 hours between changes, which is about how often I change him even in good diapers. But I still hate them.

Nate's and Ben's diapers, Sunbaby included (minus 4 or 5 that were not clean at the time of the photo)

Gradually, we've been adding new diapers to our stash, in ones and twos. Also, with potty training, Nate will usually be in undies when we're home. So we need a smaller stash, but still end up using one or two Sunbaby diapers each day. This week, I ordered possibly the last diapers we need in our stash (assuming Nate potty trains before Ben outgrows size smalls). We don't have to use the Sunbaby diapers anymore!!

Number two

Losing weight post-Ben has been slower going than losing weight post-Nate. Also, I was a size larger after Ben was born than after Nate. Imagine my surprise when my post-Ben jeans started feeling loose! I just went through my bin of post-Nate clothes, and almost all of them fit! At 3 months post-Ben I am the size I was at 6 weeks post-Nate.

My wardrobe has just doubled. Happy birthday to me!


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