Merry Christmas!

2011 Christmas card
Grace and peace to you this Christmas season!
Looking back over the past year, we cannot help but be amazed at how richly God has blessed us.
We are now living at Camp. As we’re preparing to move to Kenya (details forthcoming in this letter), Rodgers was able to get a flexible job here. He gets to be home more and is able to take time off as needed for moving-to-Kenya related appointments. Living here also allows Rachel to stay home with our two sons, which is a dream come true.
We welcomed our second dear son into our family this year. Benjamin Richard was born September 15. He is a very healthy and happy baby! We are enjoying watching him discover the world and grow out of all of his clothes.
Our firstborn, Nathanael, will be two years old in January. He is a spirited child and brings so much joy to our lives. He loves Elmo, his stuffed monkeys, the color red, the number seven, “Jesus Loves Me,” and his baby brother.
We have long had a dream or vision to move to Kenya and establish a home for street kids. January 1 of this year, our pastor encouraged us to begin writing a document about our vision. We wrote and rewrote for over a month before we had something we’d let other people read. The writing of that initial proposal was only the first step.
We now have established a non-profit organization in the state of Texas called Maisha Kamili (Full Life). It is headed up by a board of six trustees. Their purpose is to support a children’s home that will be established in Mombasa, Kenya. We are getting ready to go, with a tentative departure date in late January 2012.
The children’s home in Kenya does not exist yet. We are starting from scratch. Our goal is to have churches, individuals, and families partner in ministry with Maisha Kamili. There are many different ways to join in. We have a Facebook page at
May the Lord bless you and keep you. Much love!

Maisha Kamili prayer card


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