Scripture memory

You know how your kid repeats everything you say, especially what you didn't want them to hear, even days after you said it? Toddlers seem to have a knack for memorizing - I'm sure there's a child development something that causes this, language acquisition or whatever. Nate quotes lines from his favorite TV shows, movies, books, and things that we tell him repeatedly.

A few months ago (23 weeks according to Pinterest), I pinned these two children's memory verse posts.
30 Easy Bible Memory Verses for Children
10 Easy Bible Memory Verses for Kids

Yesterday, I finally introduced Nate to Scripture memory. I have a mirror my sister made (not the glass itself, but the mosaic frame). Since we can't put nails in our walls (rental, there are some existing nails we can use to hang pictures), and it needs 2 nails, I can't hang it on the wall. It's sitting on a window sill, not where you can actually see yourself in the mirror, unless you enjoy putting yourself in awkward positions. We have some dry erase markers. I wrote Nate's first memory verse on the mirror. I can see it all day and remind him of it.

We do a repeat-after-me style of memorization.


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