two and a half!

Nate is two and a half today! The doctors here aren't really interested in measuring growth at regular months, so I weigh and measure him myself. He is 37" tall and weighs 30 lbs even. His head circumference is 20.25". He remains average height and weight, with a 90th percentile head circumference. That means he's thin for his weight.

He loves animals

When we took the boys to register with a doctor in March, they did weigh them. They weighed Nate at 30 lbs 12 oz. That would mean that he gained 3 lbs in 2 months, which I doubt. I'm fairly sure their scale was off. Or, he was so upset, crying, and throwing a fit that they weren't able to get an accurate reading.

Nate and Rodgers built the tallest tower ever!

Nate is daytime potty trained (and how liberating to have only one child in diapers!). The only problem is that now he has nothing to hold up his shorts! I used to have his trimmer shorts put away because they wouldn't go over a cloth diaper. Now, those are the only ones he can wear.

He enjoys helicopters, Fireman Sam, playing with Ben, Legos, and soccer, in addition to continuing to love Elmo. He likes reading books, paper or on the Kindle Fire. He has started playing matching, peek-a-boo, and other toddler games on my phone and the Kindle. He knows how to find his games on either one. Sometimes, he pulls up Free Cell and tries to play like Baba.

He thinks every day is his birthday and that he is always 3 year old.

He is pretending to sleep and snore

Nate has normal toddler food issues. We have now entered the "I don't like vegetables" stage. He will almost always eat beans, sausage, rice, toast, and grapes.

He gets in trouble for holding/squashing/crowding Ben more often than anything else.

Nate asked me for coffee today, but I told him he has to wait until he is 3* (for real 3, not pretending to be 3).

Cuddling with Ben and Baba, two of his favorite people.

*I'm not really going to give a 3 year old coffee.


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