I don't really like cabbage that much. It's not like mushrooms or olives, which I would pick out if I can to avoid eating them. I can tolerate it. It's just...I don't enjoy it. But anyway, a good friend brought us a big bag of fresh veggies, fruit, and potatoes. Included was the biggest cabbage I have ever seen.

I'm not just going to waste food, so I had to do something with it. I asked my group of e-friends what I should do with it. Stuffed cabbage and pickled cabbage were the top 2 suggestions. I've had pickled cabbage as kimchi. It's not for me. We tried stuffed cabbage. Rodgers really liked it. As a non-lover of cabbage, I can say it was alright. It only used 12 leaves of cabbage. Now what do I do with the rest?


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