4 years

On the days leading up to our anniversary, Rodgers and I count down as if it's our wedding day again. Yesterday we told each other, "Tomorrow, I will marry you for the 5th time!" Just another silly thing we do.

I can't decide if the time has flown or if I feel like we've always been married. What I'm sure of is that I'm so glad I married this guy! If you know Rodgers, you already know how awesome he is. If you've never met him, I am sorry. You are missing out.

He is caring, practical, wise, bold. He is both sentimental and rational. We make a great team in life, work, parenting, and ministry. He is hardworking: at his job, with necessary tasks at home, and as a dad. He is so fun to be around! We have a great time together, goofing off and playing with our kids. He takes seriously his role as spiritual leader of our family and prioritizes his relationship with God. This has a tremendous positive impact on our marriage, family, and home.

He is currently at the fish market, buying prawns. He's taking the day off and said he's going to cook me a very special supper tonight. I'm going to bake him a pan of brownies.


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