no shortage of grated cheese

When we moved here, we searched and searched for good kitchen gadgets and tools. I had brought very important things (like my garlic press) with us. We found a really awesome peeler/scraper, but we still needed a cheese grater and slicer. We found a small one of each. They were rather pricey, but necessary. Cheesy pasta and veggies would be very difficult with only a knife and a block of cheese.

After several months, two new big Super WalMart style stores opened up. A new Tuskys and a Naivas, which we'd never seen before. With them came more western stuff and better prices. One day I found a big 4-sided grater! It has a side for slicing, a side for zesting, and sides for coarse and fine grating. And it's so much bigger than the hand-held ones we already had. It was also cheaper. Of course, we bought it. The problem was, we didn't have a good place to keep it. It ended up on a top shelf and forgotten.

It's bigger than it looks. This is a weird angle.

When we got back from Texas, I made some cheese crackers and grated the whole 2 cups of cheddar using the tiny hand-held grater because I'd forgotten about this nice big one way up on the top shelf. I also made some carrot snack sticks, which required even more grating. The next time we bought groceries, there was an abundant selection of graters. I picked a 6-sided one. It has an extra, different slicing side and grating side, in addition to the 4 sides on the red one. As we were driving home, I suddenly had déjà vu...

It's also bigger than it looks. I can't be bothered to take new pictures at a realistic angle.

We could have returned it, but I like it better than the others. We kept it. Soon we'll need a whole shelf for our graters.


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