now I ABC's

The boys ran some errands with Rodgers, and I asked Nate to bring chocolate home to me. He obeyed. I shared.

I may have mentioned before that my boys love playing in the dirt. It's one of their favorite past-times. They have slightly sensitive skin, and certain types of dirt (especially red, African dirt) makes them break out in little rashes on their arms and legs. But they don't care. They would roll in big piles of dirt if the opportunity presented itself.

It's surprising, therefore, that they can't stand to have visible food or dirt on their hands. As taught on the show Sid, the Science Kid, Nate says the alphabet while washing hands, to make sure he has washed long enough.

Ben tries to say the alphabet as well. He doesn't know letters or anything advanced like that, but he makes the sounds for the entire song. He calls it "Now I ABC's," as in "Now I know my ABC's."

Adorably, when Ben's hands are dirty, he doesn't say "dirty" or "wash." He says, "Now I ABC's!"


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