The Pink One!!!!!

We have several big box stores near us, which is usually where we buy groceries. Most frequently we go to the newest, Naivas. As far as quality and selection goes, I would say Nakumatt is like WalMart, Tuskys is like Kmart, and Naivas is Target. Roughly.

Naivas has a fleet of cozy coupe shopping carts. Some have functioning horns, some have keys that turn (but don't come out), and one has a hot pink trunk. The others have an open cargo space. Nate adores the pink trunk one. He begs for The Pink One. Our rule is that he can have The Pink One if it is at the end of the corral. I'm not going to move 10 carts out of the way trying to the get to The Pink One or stand at the front of the store until someone returns it.

I remind him as we walk up to Naivas.
"What kind of car can you get?"
"One I can reach."
He knows the rules.

Still, when The Pink One is there but out of reach or not there at all, he often throws a fit and ends up walking through the store whimpering. This has happened so many times, and I've had to explain to Naivas employees so many times that he's upset about not getting The Pink One, that they know now.

Today, we got to use The Pink One. As Nate got in, with a big grin, the Naivas employee standing there celebrated with him. Sometimes, when someone returns The Pink One after we've already started shopping, one of the employees will find us in the store to bring it to us.

So here it is, in all its glory. The Pink One.


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