While he still loves his favorite books about his favorite characters (particularly any Thomas & Friends books), Nate is in a non-fiction phase. From time to time, I find free books for our Kindle Fire that I think the boys might like and download them. This week I found many, many non-fiction picture books about animals, Nate's favorite.

We already had Penguins, Lizards, and Giraffes, which are all featuring during bedtime stories of late. They were free when I got them, but aren't free today.

At school, he is learning about insects (and spiders) this term. I think this may be sparking some of his enthusiasm for learning about animals. I remember we had several scientific books about our world when I was a kid, and I loved looking through them. I also remember several non-fiction animal books (like Chickens Aren't the Only Ones), that I had. With these books on our Kindle, Nate can have something like that for free! Win/win! These books tend to be rather wordy and informative. It's too long for us. Usually when we read them, I just give him a few key points about each page or picture. He loves seeing all the different kinds of penguins or lizards, and learning about which ones live in Kenya (agama lizard) and which ones live in Texas (TX horned lizard), but penguins don't live in Kenya or Texas, though we did watch a movie about them on the airplane between the two places (Happy Feet).

I love this one

Now, we have Killer Whales, Bats, Horses, Sharks, Dinosaurs (one and two), Meerkats, and Ants. The killer whales, bats, and horses are still free today.

The free books change so frequently, sometimes I wish I could check them every day. I was really surprised to find so many free non-fiction animal books yesterday. And actually, there are a lot on there right now, too. Jackpot!

Next stop, do they have any about space?


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