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We love the movie Cars in this house. Recently, we found Cars 2, and now it is also a favorite. We watch both of them once a week. In the credits of Cars 2 is a cool song, Collision of Worlds by Robbie Williams and Brad Paisley. It compares US to UK, not in a better and worse kind of way, in a different yet the same kind of way. It has me thinking about Texas and Kenya this way. Rather than us vs them, this is us vs us because we are Kenyan-Texan.

In TX, we have Dallas Cowboys (American football).
In Kenya, we have Harambee Stars (soccer football).

In TX, we drink iced tea.
In Kenya, we drink hot chai.

In TX, we have I-35 and I-10 (among many other major highways).
In Kenya, we have Mombasa-Nairobi Road and Mombasa-Malindi Road (which have numbers, but no one knows them).

In TX, "taking lunch" means packing it up and bringing it with us.
In Kenya, "taking lunch" means eating lunch.

In TX, "sweet" means something has sugar (whether cane sugar or another sweetener) in it.
In Kenya, "sweet" means something is delicious, even if it's savory, tart, spicy, or otherwise not ... sweet.

In TX, we love shopping at Target.
In Kenya, we love shopping at Naivas.

In TX, "smart" means intelligent.
In Kenya, "smart" means well dressed.

Texas is a state, part of a country, and it contains counties, on the continent of North America.
Kenya is a country, which contains counties but no states (though it used to have provinces rather than counties), on the continent of Africa.

Texas has TXDOT.
Kenya has KeNHA.

In TX, we can buy food from the driver's seat of our car by going through the drive thru at a fast food place.
In Kenya, we can buy food and more from the driver's seat of our car by sitting in traffic and waving to a street vendor.

In TX, we can get TV via antenna, cable, satellite, U-Verse, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant, or Roku.
In Kenya, we can get TV via antenna or satellite.

In TX, we have 2 seasons: summer and Christmas.
In Kenya, we have 2 seasons: dry and rainy.

In TX, we often hear English mixed with Spanish.
In Kenya, we often hear English mixed with Swahili.

In TX, we drive on the right side of the striped road, which has designated passing zones and speed limits.
In Kenya, we drive on the left side of the may-have-been-striped-at-one-time road, which is full of speed humps and pot holes (and maybe we drive on the right side if it's smoother and there is no oncoming traffic).

In TX, we have the Gulf of Mexico.
In Kenya, we have the Indian Ocean.

The list can't be complete yet. What else?


  1. In Kenya we have news papers such as Daily Nation,The Standard,The people,Coast week,Taifa Leo and the star

  2. In Texas we serve a awesome God
    In Kenya we serve the same awesome God

  3. @Ricky Oh yes - in TX, we have as many newspapers as cities! Usually the first word in the newspaper name is the name of the city where it is published, like Houston Chronicle or Austin American-Statesman.

    @Steve True.


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