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Before Ben was born, Nate of course got so much one-on-one or two-on-one attention. For about 6 months before Ben was born, Rodgers and I worked opposite shifts, so Nate spent a lot of time with just one or the other of us. We tried to do special things with him, knowing that he wouldn't get as much attention with an infant at home. He doesn't remember anything, but it made those last only-child days that much sweeter.

After Ben was born, Nate's world was, of course, turned upside down. We started making an effort to give him one-on-one time when we could. Ben wasn't particular about which of us was putting him to bed, as long as he got milk and snuggles. So for the first year, Rodgers put Ben to bed, and I put Nate to bed. It was the only time all day that he got me all to himself.

Now that the boys are older, I want to start doing special things with them, just the two of us. And Rodgers will take the other, just the two of them, to do something different. Then the next time we switch kids.

I had my first chance to take Ben out by himself this week. Nate has started scouts this term, and it takes place after school. They have daycare after school, too. So we could leave Ben there and pick them both up at the same time, but Ben doesn't want to stay. The first day, I brought him home by himself, then Rodgers picked Nate up later. Ben loved it. The second day, I had to pick them both up, so Ben and I stayed in town for a date.

We walked to the cafe near the school and sat together, chatting and drinking drinks. He was upset at first (unfamiliar place), but once he got comfortable, we had a great time!

Then we still had about 30 minutes left before Nate would be done, so we walked down the street a bit. There is a used toy shop beside the street. It is just some tarps laid out on the ground covered with hundreds of toys. We never stop at these places when we're out as a family because we're almost always driving. So I let Ben look at them for a full 15 minutes.

He has been asking for a toy cat ever since our last trip to the US (a year ago) when he played with a beanie cat at my parents' house, which he named Grandpa Cat. At the supermarkets here, we have only found teddy bears. Sometimes monkeys. Bunnies at Easter. No cats.

He found this pink cat with orange stripes, picked it up, hugged it, and wouldn't let go. The black dog is similar to a beanie dog my parents have in their toy collection called Gigi. Nate loved that one, so we got this one as a surprise for him.

It was less than an hour, but a great time, just the two of us. We had a blast!

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  1. Aw I love this! I bet he had a great time! Thanks for linking up to Mamas Tell All. :)


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