We never had pets. Until...

There are a lot of stray cats in our neighborhood. One in particular started napping in our yard a lot. The boys named him Optimus Kitty.

Optimus Kitty, when he was starting to warm up to me

In order to keep our trash can from being a bug attraction, I put food waste in a separate container until we take it to the dumpster. But I realized that Optimus would love certain parts of our food waste, like scraps I've trimmed off of meat. I began tossing those in a designated part of the yard, and Optimus rejoiced. He wasn't a pet exactly, more of a garbage disposer.

pregnant Rooster

When I started feeding him like that, the amount of other strays that came through the yard actually decreased. I expected them all to come eat, but it would appear that Optimus didn't let them. Except for Rooster. There were 2 stray calico cats (or tabico I think is more accurate) we used to see, one big and one small. They were both called Rooster. Last December, the smaller one started actively begging for food. I suspected she might be pregnant, and sure enough, her tummy got bigger and bigger, until she disappeared for 2 days, then reappeared with that tell-tale postpartum tummy.

Rooster guarding her 6 week old kittens

She brought the kittens home when they were around 6 weeks old - 4 little girl kittens. And she chased Optimus away. Poor thing. He was here first.

We started feeding Optimus and Rooster cat food at regular times sometime after the kittens were born but before she brought them to the house. Rooster was hungry, and I didn't have scraps on demand. I have never seen a cat love basic dry cat food So Much.

The kittens are now eating food. They are almost 3 months old. Optimus isn't here, but I put out the same amount of food as I was for him and Rooster. It probably isn't really enough for all of them, but I don't want to overfeed them and discourage mouse catching (and snake catching, both of which are happening more and more as Rooster lets them practice killing). They are growing like crazy, so don't worry. They aren't going hungry.

All 4

Nate and Ben were immediately obsessed when we first saw the kittens. They have always tried to pet and play with Rooster, but she escapes their clutches. The kittens were too slow. They named them Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kittens. (But they hate when I call them that because, "They're NOT mutants!!") Leo was since re-named Metalhead. And now she is Karai (both also TMNT characters). At first, I was worried that the boys were playing too roughly, but the kittens are big enough to defend themselves now. And fast enough to run away when they want.

Nate and KaraiBen and Raphy

Ben's favorite is Raph. Nate's favorite is Karai. The two let the boys catch them, and when they are sleepy, they can't stay awake with someone gently petting them. (As long as they're being still.) (Which pretty much only happens while watching TMNT.)

Don and Mikey hate being touched and are caught less frequently. They are also probably going away soon.

Five is way too many cats.

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  1. Oh my goodness you have your hands full for sure. The most cats we ever had was 3. Lol. But we've always had at least one. My favorite girl was a little Bob tail Manx we inherited after josh's grandma passed away but keke was old too. Sadly. I love the fact the kitties are tmnk!! That's hilarious!

  2. How cute are they! I want a kitten so bad!

  3. Hi there! I am a new reader to your blog..hope you don't mind an Australian following! I stumbled across it just recently because I am in a relationship with a Kenyan man (and I'm a white Aussie) and we have been together almost 2 years, part of that was long distance. I was trying to find a blog that sort of had a similar scenario to mine, and I have loved reading some of your older posts from when you got engaged and married etc. I'm really praying that happens soon for us, as Christians it is hard to balance that "courtship" and "dating" without getting focused on other things apart from growing together in Christ. My boyfriend sometimes feels like we are too different in our cultures to make it work, but I believe we can it will just take some extra effort, I'm hoping to go to Kenya in December this year to finally meet his parents as they are still over there. Thanks for sharing your journey and adventures with us all!


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