a little tidbit

While I work on writing up our Kenyan adventures, here's something to keep you going:

On the flight from DC to London, I was sitting next to a Scottish girl. I was supposed to be in the middle seat between her and a little girl, but she traded with me so that I could lean against the window, since it was an overnight flight, and I looked like I could use some sleep. Very thoughtful of her. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get out easily, but we only had to get up once or twice since Nate slept the whole way. That's not the story, though.

She told me at the beginning of the flight (before Nate's first meltdown), "Your baby is lovely!" The way she said "baby" immediately reminded me of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. Suddenly I had a mental image of her standing in the aisle shouting, "You look like a baby! Get in my belly!" 'Twas quite amusing.


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