our trip! the flights.

On the way out, Nate and I had 2 flights on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and 2 flights on Sunday.

Flying short distances (4 hours or less) with an infant is actually not so bad. The worst is probably maneuvering through the airport.

Long haul international flights with an infant are hard. Nate slept during our overnight flights. The daytime ones were harder. It really is best to have an extra seat even though the baby can't sit by his/herself. If it weren't so expensive, I would almost wish that we had bought a seat for Nate for the long flights. We lucked out a few times with an empty seat. On the overnight flight that Rodgers was with us, we had an empty seat, put Nate on it between us, and he slept almost the entire flight. When I had an empty seat next to me on flights by myself, I used it for easier access to my carryon.

We sometimes got water from a flight attendant for bottles, but it was really best if I bought a liter of water in the terminal before boarding, then I could make bottles without waiting for someone to help me. I took extra formula in case he slept less than usual and wanted to eat more, which he did. I took just enough formula, there was none leftover at the end of the flights.

During his awake times, Nate occupied himself playing with the airsick bag and/or a plastic cup rather than any of the toys and teethers I took for him.

All in all, it wasn't too bad, but I wouldn't want to make that trip with a 6 month old again.

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