a week in the lives of the Ken-Tex family

No two weeks are the same for us. And this week, it seems no two days have the same schedule. This is why my Saturday weekly planning time is so important! With pregnant brain + mama brain I can't remember anything at all. I may have mentioned this before...

We'll eat leftover sausage, biscuits, and gravy for breakfast, with coffee of course. Then, we have Bible study at 9:30 and worship service at church at 10:45. We will come home for lunch and reheat whatever I decide to cook tonight (options include lasagna, something with chicken, and something Tex-Mex; or we can have leftover beef ribs that we ate today). Then, it's Nate's naptime. Rodgers would normally leave for work at 2:30, however, tomorrow is different, so we'll actually have some afternoon family time! Late afternoon, Rodgers will drive down to the airport to pick up Mwangome, one of our dear friends from Kenya. He works for an international aid/relief organization and has been in Haiti for the past few months. He's on his way back to Kenya for some time off, and is stopping by to see us for a very short visit. I will probably cook something new for dinner so that Rodgers and Mwangome can eat when they get here. Then, the two of them will do whatever they want and probably stay up really late, but it's normal bedtimes for Nate and me.

Rodgers will take Mwangome back to the airport right after an early breakfast. I will be taking Nate to the Dr for his 18 month checkup! We have a 9 am report time, but they usually take a very long time in this clinic, so probably we won't leave there until after 10. Nate will be dropped at daycare just in time for lunch, and I will go to work until 5. Rodgers works 3-11. So I'll pick up Nate, we'll come home, eat supper (heating up something I cooked this weekend), play for an hour or so, then he goes to bed, and I put my feet up for a few minutes before doing some chores (clean up the kitchen from our supper and tidy/dust the living areas). Finally it will be my own bedtime.

Rodgers has a Dr appt in the morning, so I will probably drop Nate off at daycare on my way to work. I work 8:30-5, my usual hours. Rodgers works 3-11, his usual hours. He could get Nate after his appt, but this would interrupt both lunchtime and naptime, which tends to be more trouble than it's worth. I will pick Nate up after work, and we will have a usual evening. Chore for Tuesday is vacuuming and Swiffering. Rodgers will get home after everyone goes to bed.

Rodgers would normally be off, but he is working all day long. I think he will probably be at work by 7 or 8. And I don't know when he'll be home. That means another full day at daycare for Nate. I will pick him up after work, and we'll go to church for supper and to hang out with our friends for a while. Then, home, bed, etc. No chores today.

Normal work day for me. Rodgers will be off. Nate will probably be at daycare for lunch through naptime, which gives Rodgers time to work on orphanage planning stuff. Maybe Rodgers will cook some new food for us for supper. He will probably get the laundry done, too. This is our one night for the week to be home together as a family. We'll eat supper together, play, read books, give Nate a bubble bath. Nate goes to bed, and Rodgers and I have our first chance since Sunday to actually talk to each other.

Should be a normal day, with Rodgers and me both working our usual hours. Nate hangs out at home with Rodgers in the morning and with me in the evening, he'll be at daycare for the afternoon. We'll eat leftovers from Friday for supper. I will look at HEB's sale paper and start menu planning and grocery list for the following week. Friday's chore will be washing sheets and towels.

I try to cook breakfast on Saturdays because it's my only leisurely morning. After breakfast is grocery shopping. Then lunch, Nate's naptime, Mama's rest time, Rodgers leaves for work. When Nate gets up we may go play in the mall (indoor, air conditioned playground) or run errands if we need to. In the evening I'll cook a couple of meals for the next week. I'll make sure that our weekly marker-board schedule is up-to-date. Nate and I will eat dinner together and have a normal evening. Rodgers again will be home after we've gone to bed.

And hopefully by this time next week, I'll know what the following week will entail!


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