Nate's chores

Nate has discovered the joy of helping. He has a few "chores."

He loves putting things in the trash can. If I have something that's not too messy (like paper), I give it to him and tell him to put it in the trash. He runs to the trash can, puts it in, then says, "OH! WOW!" and claps for himself. If we're not careful, he looks for more things to put in the trash.

His second favorite is putting things in the sink. After Nate eats, I let him put his plate, fork, and spoon in the sink. He can just barely reach. Once his dirty dishes are in, if I have more dirty dishes that aren't breakable, he can put those in, too. Otherwise, he starts pulling magnets off the fridge and putting them in sink. Afterwards, he celebrates.

Nate has always been fascinated by the dishwasher. He has often tried to climb into it, and he's always taking things out or putting things in it. When I'm unloading, he gets to put the clean silverwear in the drawer. (We wash our knives by hand, but I still make sure there's nothing in there that will cut him before I let him go.) When I'm loading, I give him the plastic cups to put in. He often gets distracted, though. Nate will grab anything from the dishwasher and take off running! But he's so proud of himself when I tell him did a good job helping.


  1. Beaner loves throwing things away too! It makes her so happy to help!


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