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Apologies if you receive this in your reader twice. I tried to schedule the post last night so that I could just add my picture and updates today after my Dr appt, but Blogger decided to disregard the date and time I'd chosen for posting and posted it immediately. Ach!

How Far Along 35 weeks 6 days
How Big is Baby He could be 6 lbs and 18-20 in long. He should be pretty close to his birth length/height now, but will be packing on some baby fat in the coming weeks. This is why I feel like his legs are too long to possibly grow anymore.
Total Weight Gain 27 lbs
Sleep For the past few weeks, I feel like I'm carrying BB lower. The implication of that is twofold: I have an easier time breathing than I did with Nate because he's not under my ribs so much, and my bladder is more squished. I've been getting up two times a night to pee more and more often. Usually I fall asleep again fairly quickly, since I drug myself up with Benadryl at bedtime.
Best Moment this Week Nate and I sorted through BB's clothes (again), adding some new ones and making sure the NBs were separated from the 0-3s. I need him to start wearing these clothes. Once some are dirty, we have room for all of them. Nate "helped."
Movement He's a mover, but more laid back than Nate was. He does move often, and he is strong. People can see him moving through my clothes, from across the room, so that's kind of fun. He has been a frequent hiccupper, which indicates practice breathing, but last night I was able to feel a rhythmic rise and fall of practice breaths, with my hand resting on his little booty.
Belly Button Pretty much an outtie, and it has migrated to the underside of my belly. I have to crane my neck or look in the mirror to see it.
What I Miss Has it ever been springtime? It's been swelteringly hot for as long as I can remember. I think there was such a thing as cooler weather, and if that is true, that's what I miss. :P
Weekly Wisdom Letting your mom come stay with you to take care of your toddler and clean your house is a good idea!
Milestones The c-section is on the calendar: Sept 15. I will be 39 weeks 1 day. This is exactly 2 weeks earlier than Nate was born (41 weeks 1 day), and it's his 20 month birthday. Both my boys will have birthdays on the 15th of the month.

Having the c-section scheduled has a lot of people asking if Nate was born by c-section. With certain people I just say, "No, but it would have been better for us if he had been." I go more into details for other people. It brings a lot of pity that I had such a hard recovery after his delivery. It was miserably painful and would have been nice if I didn't have to experience that, but I know that the damage done to my body was a direct result of saving Nate's life. What happened was entirely unpredictable, as everything related to birth is. No one could have known that Nate would have so much trouble with my labor or that he would be strangled by the umbilical cord. Even if we had known what the fast delivery would do to me, we had to assume that an emergency c-section would take longer, putting Nate more at risk for brain damage and death from not getting enough oxygen. We still would have made the decision to pull him out with forceps in a hurry in order to save him.

That said, we're planning a c-section this time to prevent any additional damage to my pelvic floor. Knowing that anything's possible in giving birth to a child, that our bodies and our babies don't always follow our plans, we recognize that I could go into labor before the c-section. If I am progressed too far by the time we get to the hospital, we may not have time for a c-section. It's not ideal, but it could happen. Scheduling it 6 days before my due date gives him enough time to fully develop while also being early enough that I'm less likely to go into labor beforehand.


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