Now that I'm not working, I have projects, as if having a toddler, managing our household, and being pregnant weren't enough.

One project is looking for a new job. I know no one will hire someone who is 18 days away from delivering a baby, but I'm still looking. I have 2 other big projects, both of which involve the boys, as the two of them consume my life these days.

Baby carrier (project accomplished)
We have a Baby Bjorn and a sling from when Nate was a baby.

I liked the Baby Bjorn once Nate was big enough to not need the head support. He didn't like the head support part; he wanted to be able to see around. But once he could ride in it facing forward, he was content in it. I would not have survived our trip to England/Kenya last summer without it! Also, I lost an inch off my waist and hips during that trip, which I attribute to carrying Nate in the Baby Bjorn for all those endless hours in the airports.

The sling is the type that was pulled off the shelves last year because if a baby is cradled in it, they have no head/neck support and can't breathe. Some babies died. When I put Nate in it as the instructions showed, I could tell he was having trouble breathing, so I didn't use it that way. Once he was too big to be comfortable (for me) in the Baby Bjorn, I used the sling as a hip carrier. He loved it like that, even more than the Baby Bjorn. You know how a dog goes crazy if you touch their leash because they think they're going out for a walk? That's how Nate reacted if I went near the sling. So if I didn't put it away as soon as I was done using it, I had to wait until he was not in the room.

All that to say: we don't really have a baby carrier that's good for a newborn. If I go out alone with both of them, I will need Nate in the stroller (he loves to walk but can't be trusted, especially if I have my hands full of BB), and BB would be best in a carrier. We are hoping to get a double stroller, but BB won't be big enough for it for a few months. I decided I wanted a wrap. Then I decided not to pay all that money and to just buy some knit fabric to use as a wrap. Hobby Lobby had some very turquoise jersey with brown polka dots on sale. I got 4 5/8 yards (recommended was 5 yards, but there was a hole in the fabric, so that's the longest piece I could get, unless I would choose plain brown fabric), and cut a 20" strip off the side. I learned the classic front cross carry last night. Even with my big belly, the fabric is long enough to wrap and tie, and I can fit a teddy bear in it.

Diapers (project in research phase)
I actually really like using disposables. However, it makes more sense to use cloth in Kenya. They have disposables you can buy, but we're beginning to think we don't want to create that much trash in Kenya. If you've been to Mombasa, you have seen what becomes of trash there. So I've been reading a lot on the internet, learning all kinds of things about cloth diapers. It was overwhelming at first, but I think I'm sort of catching on. I am enjoying the learning aspect so far.

We will stick with disposables for the immediate future. I'm not prepared to buy a bunch of cloth before BB is born. I think we'll start making the transition for him once he's out of the newborn stage.

Nate has no patience for having diapers put on him anymore. He is demonstrating more and more aspects of potty training readiness, except that he doesn't have regular BMs, he doesn't care if his diaper is wet (if I ask him if he needs a dry diaper and he isn't too busy playing, he will say "n'do" and run to the changing table), and he doesn't have words for anything related to the bathroom, just "die-die" for diaper. He loves sitting on his potty, though, and is amazed by watching himself pee. Anyway, my point is, I don't think we'll buy a full supply of cloth diapers for Nate. He may still need overnights when we get to Kenya, but I expect him to be fully in training pants or undies (a lofty goal) during the day. And since he has more tolerance of standing still for me to pull up his shorts than laying still for me to put a diaper on him, I am definitely ready for him to be in training pants. I don't have much energy for wrestling him these days.

QOTW: If you ever crawl inside an old hollow log and go to sleep, and while you're in there some guys come and seal up both ends and then put it on a truck and take it to another city, boy, I don't know what to tell you.


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