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Being pregnant twice so close together makes it easy to compare things. It's all still fairly fresh in my mind. Plus, if I don't remember something, I can go back and look at my past blogs because I posted a lot about pregnant stuff last time, too. What's most noticeable is that, in general, I feel so much better this time around than with Nate. So I was perusing my past posts for more detailed comparison and found the symptoms list I'd posted last time with my comments...

_x_ moodiness I have more trouble being patient with Nate and Rodgers, and today I cried for most of an hour just because I was mildly upset, and then couldn't stop crying.
_x_ swollen feet/cankles I've been instructed to not tell people my feet/ankles are swollen. I typically have extremely bony feet and ankles, but right now they are more normal looking. Quite swollen for me.
_x_ outgrowing wedding rings Much earlier this time than last time, but when I increased my water intake, my finger swelling went down a lot. I still can't wear my wedding rings on my ring finger, though.
_x_ outgrowing maternity clothes I've only outgrown a few, not as drastic as last time, but I never even fit into my early maternity clothes from last time this time.
_x_ crazy weight gain I've gained way less than last time (so much less that I weigh less this week than the first time I was 34 weeks pregnant), but I'm still above average on the weight gain curve. I'm an overachiever, what can I say?
_x_ morning sickness It lasted until the day Nate was born last time, but only through 24 weeks of pregnancy this time. Wahoo!!
___ melasma
___ acne My complexion is awesome this time, not so much with Nate.
_x_ heartburn/indigestion/acid reflux More and more
_x_ Hemmorhoids Did not have them until after delivery with Nate, but I didn't luck out this time.
_x_ gas that could clear a room
_x_ going to the bathroom every 10 minutes I think I pee more often this pregnancy, but I'm also carrying this baby lower than Nate. 
_x_ peeing yourself So much more than last time.
_x_ fatigue
_x_ insomnia Not as drastic as last time. I am still sleeping pretty well just taking 1 Benadryl at bedtime.
_x_ shortness of breath
_x_ general aches and pains (ribs, back, etc)
_x_ waddling I'm more of a waddler this time, but I attribute that to carrying lower.
_x_ restless leg syndrome
_x_ sciatica I did not experience this last time.
_x_ Braxton Hicks This started much earlier. I had my first timeable contractions at 38 weeks with Nate, 34 weeks with Baby Brother. 
_x_ itchy skin
_x_ stretch marks I think they're the same ones Nate gave me, though.
___ varicose veins
___ gestational diabetes
___ high blood pressure
___ Preeclampsia
___ PUPP Thankfully I haven't had any of these last few issues with either pregnancy!

left: 34 weeks with Nate (this was from our official maternity photo shoot which we used on our Christmas card)
right: 34 weeks with BB (I love how the doorknob lines up with my belly button so that it looks like I have an extreme outtie.) And my hair is darker now, except for the hairs that have turned gray.

QOTW: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.


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