new words


Ben is at this very exciting phase right now. He is saying new words almost every day. I love this phase! (He also happens to be cutting his first set of molars. Though 3 have broken through, he's still in a lot of pain. I hate this phase!)

This week, we were reading Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue. He pointed to Dora and told me, "Doooraaa!"

Today, as I was feeding him hotdogs and green peas for lunch, he said he wanted "Mo' ot-gah," which I determined meant "more hotdog."

If I'm not sure what he means, I ask him, "Did you say ---?" If I'm wrong, he just repeats himself. If I'm right, he grins, says, "Yeeeeaaaah," and starts laughing.

He also said juice for the first time today and crackah (cracker) yesterday. If he doesn't know what to call a food or drink item, he calls it an apple. Well, it's more like "app-pool."


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