I've spent a Thanksgiving outside of the US before. It was the worst Thanksgiving ever, to be honest. On the plus side, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving on New Year's Eve, and that made for the best New Year's Eve.

When it's the year for my siblings to spend Thanksgiving with our parents and Christmas with their in-laws, we often have Christmas at Thanksgiving, and we call it "Thanksmas." Actually I think we also had a Thanksmas between Thanksgiving and Christmas when we were expecting Nate and his 4-week-older cousin. Anyway, the point is that we don't get too caught up in the actual dates and celebrate holidays when we can be together. This year, as was the first year I was out of the country for Thanksgiving, is a Thanksmas year.

But this year, I'm actually looking forward to it. Not that I'm not missing their celebration, but two things: 1) we'll be there in a matter of weeks - more than one month but less than two. 2) we're going to have a big party for our Maisha Kamili Kids the Saturday after Thanksgiving, complete with introduction to Thanksgiving. I'm excited to get all of these kids together at our house. AND I'm also excited to introduce them to Thanksgiving, though I'm not sure they'll be adventurous enough to try our T-Day foods.

Thanksgiving past:
Our painful family photo from last Thanksgiving
2010, of course Monkey made an appearance
2009, comparing bumps after Thanksgiving dinner
2008, we'd just gotten engaged


  1. Knowing you will be here soon certainly takes the sting out of you not beung here on the holidays! I love that you will be celebrating with the MK kids.


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