tastes of home

A few years ago, I started writing down all of my favorite recipes in one notebook. This was before Pinterest. I had some recipes bookmarked on the internet, some saved in a Word doc, some on recipe cards, and others in recipe books. My recipe notebook is my one spot, which I can access even when the power is out and the computer battery is dead, even when there is no internet connection because the signal is bad, etc. 

When we moved here, we brought our Betty Crocker recipe book - there's a lot of great stuff in there which we haven't even tried yet, plus basic cooking guides (how long to broil a steak?). And we brought my trusty recipe notebook. Mostly, I don't cook supper from recipes. I remember more or less how it should go and approximate something similar to the recipe. But sometimes I need a real recipe, especially when it comes to breads. 

One of the hardest things about living outside of Texas is the complete lack of acceptable tortillas. We have found adequate tortilla chips, but the tortillas we've found are either inedible or more like a big super thin wrap, rather than a fluffy, chewy flour tortilla. Then someone pinned this on Pinterest, and our lives were improved. (If you don't feel like clicking it, it's a recipe for flour tortillas.)

Unfortunately, I don't have a cast iron skillet. I have seen some here, but they all have grill bumps (is there a better word for that?) on the bottom. If you're cooking meat, the grease drains off a bit, and the meat ends up looking like it was cooked on a grill. But it does not work for making tortillas (or cornbread - still working on that one). I just use my nonstick skillet over med-high heat.

Welcome to Taco Tuesday.


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