safari ya kenya :: Day 2 :: in Mombasa

Friday, June 13

The morning started with the mosque's call to prayer before 5 a.m. I tried to sleep again afterwards, but gave up around 7 and took a shower.

Breakfast was sausages, mahamri (a type of roll), and of course chai.

Then we went to a place that highlights some of the big tribes in Kenya. The man representing the Mijikenda (which includes Rod's tribe, Giriama) renamed me Furaha, the Swahili word for joy. It was very interesting seeing the way different tribes do life - their housing and providing for their families. We also got to meet a witch doctor. He said the spirits told him that we're all well. That's good.

After that we went to Haller Park, where we saw several Kenyan animals. The giraffes and one crocodile were very close. Took some good pictures I think.

Giant Tortoise



Then - the beach and the Indian Ocean. It's the windy time of the year now. Plus it's not very hot. So I was freezing. But it was fun playing in the water together. I got a ridiculous sunburn. Like someone splashed red dye on me at random.

Then we went to Agie's house and had chapati and beans in coconut milk for dinner. I didn't eat a lot because I got too much sun, but it was good. It's one of Rod's favorite dinners. Good chai, too. Agie seems wonderful. Her daughter Emmy is fun too. She's a very smart 3 year old. At first she kept calling me Mzungu. But after Agie's and Rod's insistence she tried to learn my name. Sometimes I was Uncle Rachel (because she knows it's Uncle Rodgers). But in the end she settled on Auntie. That's the aunt that doesn't rhyme with ant. And the emphasis is on the "ie".

Rod and Agie making chapati

Me shredding a coconut


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