safari ya kenya :: Day 5 :: in Mombasa and Marereni

Monday, June 16

The day began with lots of rain. We met Beaty for breakfast at Little Chef, where we had breakfast and supper yesterday.

We planned to meet at 8:00, but we were about 30 minutes early. Because of the rain, she had trouble getting a matatu and was 30 minutes late, but it was fine.

After breakfast, we went to email Mom to get her to send us her measurements for a dress. Then we went to the market to buy some fabric. We got very nice African looking fabric for about $2.50/yard.

Then Rod and I got in a matatu bound for Malindi. The road was not as rough as I expected. From Malindi we took another matatu to Marereni. On the way, Rod pointed out the way he would go to go home and salt farms.

Rod's sister Halima had her third child this weekend. So Mama Esther is here with them in Marereni. She will be her until the baby is 7 weeks old. [edit: I really thought that's what Rod told me. Actually she only stayed 1 week.] Because of that and the rain, we won't go to the country house today like we planned. We are staying in a little hotel tonight at least. There is no A/C, probably no hot water, and the power lines fell during the rain, so we are powered by generators only at night. But there is a toilet, sink, shower, Ricky and Lucy style beds, a TV with 2 channels, mosquito nets, an oscillating fan, a table and chairs on the porch, and chai brought to said table at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Being that I was geared up for the country and peeing on the ground, it is plenty luxurious for me.

Each bed had a sheet over the foam mattress, a blue sheet to cover up with, an orange towel, 2 weird foam pillows

Jefwa (Katoto), Rod's brother-in-law, met us when we got off the matatu, and brought us to the hotel. We put our stuff down and went to his house, to meet Halima and Mama Esther. Rod hugs everyone in the U.S. but not in Kenya. He just shook hands with his mom.

It was 2:00 and we hadn't eaten since 8:30. So Halima brought us some ugali, fish, and prawns, followed by mango and chai. We ate and Katoto's mom showed up. A big discussion ensued regarding the name of the new baby. Not a great thing for having any quality time with Mama Esther. So we came to the hotel for naps. I think we slept for over an hour. Then we sat on the porch until Katoto came to get us for dinner, which was very good nyama and rice, bananas and mango. We spent some time talking after dinner.

I can't talk to Rod's mom, and like most Kenyans, she is very shy with me. Typically Kenyans will kind of clam up when I'm around. They'll talk to Rod some, but don't really even attempt to use him as an interpreter to talk to me through him. It's frustrating, and I don't know what to do. But she did get very excited when Rod told me how to tell her "sleep well" in Giriama.

This was actually the morning of Day 6. Mama Esther, Halima (Rod's sister) and me

Halima took Mama Esther's measurements and we called Beaty to give them to her for making the dress. Mom and Mama Esther will have matching dresses. The fabric is the same print with different color schemes.


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