safari ya kenya :: Day 3 :: in Mombasa

Saturday, June 14

We took it easy this morning. We checked emails and had a late breakfast. Then we looked at some dresses to give our moms, but we didn't like any of them. We went to a bank for me to exchange currency, for which they charged a $5 commission. I thought that was a bit excessive. We had to wait in line for about 12 days. Rod knows a place that doesn't charge for exchange, but they don't take anything under $100 bills. I had 20s, so that was out.

Around noon we took naps and then had lunch at about 2. Fish and chips.

Then we went to Aliston's and Angeline's for dinner. Fried chicken, fish, ugali, rice, coconut stew, and bananas. Not sure if the water was safe to drink, but I drank it anyway. We'll see. I may get a parasite.

The 2 daughters, Esther and Mercy, are learning English in school, so they practiced on me. That was fun.

Oh! Before we got to the house for dinner, we stopped at Beatrice's shop (I later learned that Angeline also works there). She's a dressmaker and is going to make dresses for our moms. We just have to get their measurements.

Before we left, they gave us some traditional Kenyan clothes, in purple.

Angeline, Rod, and me wearing purple lesos

It rained a lot today. The way to the house was all muddy. So we got covered in mud - I did at least, from the knees down.


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