a lovey-dovey post

Rodgers and I started dating in March 2006, so we missed Valentine's Day that year. Our first Valentine's Day as a couple was 2007, but I was in the Philippines.

Our second Valentine's Day (first one spent together), 2008:

2009, one month (4 weeks) before the wedding:

2010, with a 30 day old baby:

[didn't manage to get a picture of Rodgers and me because we were too distracted by Nate's grinning face]
I love looking through pictures from the past years and remembering each stage of our relationship, seeing how far we've come in this short time together. 


  1. Your first Valentines day spent together was the day I started dating my now husband! :)

  2. You've come a long way, baby. I remember not so long ago when alternatives to Valentines Day were the norm, when you would write long rants about why celebrating couples were repulsive. I think I like this Rachel better, but I sometimes miss the other one.


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