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I know, three posts in one day is ridiculous.

Dad mentioned my old blog the other day, and I just wanted to point out that while the url is no longer active, I did import the blog into this one. Just felt like keeping it all in one place. If you're looking for some of my really old stuff, anything on this blog written before Aug 10, 2008 is from my "justrachet" blog. For about the first year of "rodgersrachel," I kept both blogs going, posting my deepest thoughts on the other one, and updates about the wedding planning, getting married, the green card journey, and pregnancy here. Eventually I just decided to put it all in one place. Then I stopped having deep thoughts.

When I imported, I didn't label all my old blog posts as such, they just mingled in with these. Now, I've tried to go back through and label them for organization's sake, though honestly, I probably didn't get them all labeled correctly. You'll see a huge label in my label gadget in the sidebar that says "justrachet." That's where you'll find all of my posts from my old blog, including anything about my time on Doulos. Warning: many pictures used way back then may no longer exist on the internet, and there are probably lots of broken links.

If you're one of my really old followers, you may remember when I blogged on xanga. That blog is still there.  If you fancy taking a glimpse at my beginnings in blogworld, have a go.


  1. I was reading through your old blog and saw a comment I made. I completely forgot about that blog. I don't remember writing any of those posts, and there are a lot of them! It is amazing how much things can change in just a few short years.

  2. The xanga trip down memory lane was great fun. Although, I never really understood what a kerreck looked like. Glad you survived that one.


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