after posting a bajillion times yesterday

I stayed up way past bedtime reading through my xanga blog. Parts of it really, really made me laugh. Very nostalgic.

Anyway, four things:

1. I miss doing "quote of the whatever" at the bottom of my blog posts. I may reinstate QOTW here.

2. The day I started falling for Rodgers was Saturday, June 11, 2005. I didn't blog that, even though I was totally grungy that day, he told me that I look more beautiful every day (which is what put me over the edge). But, I did blog that I visited Claire at camp that day, and that's when it happened.

3. I've forgotten the source for many of the QOTWs. This is a sad day.

4. I'm finally far enough removed from my horrible first job that I can really laugh about my dumb, douchecanoe former boss.


  1. QOTW definitely needs a comeback. As I recall, there was no single source. I remember most of them as movie lines.


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