pizza's good for toddlers, right?

Nate likes almost every food. He doesn't like most fresh fruit, but that's about it. He goes through phases, though, when he just doesn't want to eat what I cook. I know he likes it because he's eaten it before, but maybe he's just "not in the mood." He also goes through phases that seem like he never stops eating and will eat anything. So I have to assume he has hungrier times and not so hungry times.

Sunday through Wednesday this week, he refused to eat anything besides applesauce, Cheerios, cheese, and dill pickles. I didn't give him full meals of those things. So, by refusing to eat anything else, either he was going hungry, or he didn't have much appetite to begin with.

Thursday, we had pizza. The boy can eat some pizza. I cut some of the Roma tomato and green bell pepper into bite sized pieces for him, and he inhaled it. First veggies he'd eaten since Saturday (unless pickles count?). He got some of the meat, cheese, and crust, too, but when he started eating the veggies, I just kept putting them in front of him until he wouldn't eat them anymore.

Today it seems like he's back to his usual eating habits - eating from all the food groups, like a champ. Seems like having pizza snapped him out of his applesauce-Cheerios-cheese-pickles phase. Maybe he'll go through another phase next week, and we can try having pizza again to snap him out of it. This might not be such a bad thing...We like pizza.


  1. Remember "Oregon Trail" and that your people died if you didn't take pickles for them? Of course it is a vegetable: it is cucumbers. Just don't tell the kid.


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