15 months

Nate had his 15 month check up this morning. Rodgers took him since he doesn't typically work in the mornings and I do. The doctor was impressed by Nate, which always makes me proud. She didn't have any instructions for us because he's doing so well.

He's skinny, 25th percentile for weight now according to the CDC charts. But, the doctor wasn't concerned about it this time (she was at 9 and 12 months). He was 22 lbs even at 12 months, now 22 lbs 13 oz.

Rodgers told me that Nate's height is either 31" or 33". Pretty big difference there... He was 30" at 12 months, so I'm guessing he's 31" now. That's right on the 50th percentile. 33" is between 95th and 100th percentile. He does seem tall, but I don't think he's had that much of a growth spurt. Plus, his hair is long now, and adds more than half an inch to his apparent height.

Nate has 15 teeth now. Only one eye tooth remains, then we wait for the 2nd year molars.

Something I read online says that 15 month olds should be able to say at least 3 words in addition to Mama and Dada. Nate has 10 or 11 words in addition to Mama and Dada. Nate came home from the appointment with a hacky sack because he kept asking Rodgers for a ball. :)

15 month olds should also be able to follow simple instructions. At one point during the appointment, Rodgers put Nate on the floor and told him to go get his shoes. He walked across the exam room, picked up his shoes, and brought them back. Dr was impressed.

He got a couple of shots, for a lot (I think they contain 6 altogether) of vaccine boosters (Dtap/Hib/IPV 5-in-1 and pneumococcal). One leg was very sore this afternoon, poor kid. He was back to normal after the ibuprofen started working. He also soaked in the tub for a while, and I think that helped, too.

Dr said that we should be bracing ourselves for the terrible twos to start soon. Yay.

QOTW: You need to find yourself a girl, mate. Or perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch are you?


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