nate update

Nate is 14.5 months old. He has his 15 month appt just 2 days before baby #2's anatomy scan (and we'll find out if it's a brother or a sister!).

He has 11 teeth. Three of them are molars. His fourth is there, under a gum hematoma. He won't take cold teethers or anything to soothe it. It seems like it doesn't bother him very often, but it looks painful.

At 12 months, he was 30 inches tall. He seems much taller now, but that could just be because he's started walking more. By my measurement, he's grown half an inch. He's wearing shoes willingly now! I'm no longer afraid to put his sandals on him without socks. I think he figured out that if he puts shoes on, we go outside, so he's happy about shoes.

His clothing size is part 12 months and part 18 months. His torso is too long for 12 month overalls. His head is too big for 12 month t-shirts without buttons on the collar. But, he's too skinny for 18 month waistbands. Actually, his 12 month shorts and pants are still too big in the waist for him.

He's talking more, too! He learned 2 new animal sounds this week. Monday or Tuesday he started saying "baa baa" for sheep. This afternoon (after his Gigi and Grandpa went home from visiting us) he started saying "neigh" for horse. He still does snake, monkey, baby (says Mama), and Daddy (blows a raspberry). He also has been saying things (in appropriate context) that sound like up, out, yes, no, done, and gone, in addition to his previous words Mama and Daddy (no Elmo recently). He says muh for kiss and mmm for hug because I say mwah when I kiss him and mmm when we cuddle. His signs are milk, more, eat, up, and bath. We're working on diaper. He tries to do it sometimes.

He still takes a bottle of milk twice a day. He won't take milk from a sippy cup, only juice and water. Though I want him to drink just from a cup, I'm honestly too exhausted to force the issue right now, so he keeps getting a bottle when he wakes up and between dinner and bedtime.

He's down to one nap per day, and his separation anxiety isn't nearly as bad as it was 2 months ago. It's a good month for Nate.

QOTW: Oh, they call me Little John. But don't let my name fool you. In real life, I'm very big.


  1. QOTW: Men in Tights
    Nate: Woo-hoo! Maybe he will learn cow next. Or Gigi. Hmmm, wonder why I thought of it that way. Oh! Gigi likes ice cream!


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