a little late with this one...

To my faithful blog followers who don't know me IRL (in real life) or through Facebook, this is for you.

Nate will be having a baby brother!

We had a lovely ultrasound, watching the little guy swim around. He's a healthy baby! He has all of his organs, fingers, and toes. This ultrasound was done by a tech (Nate's was done by a Dr). The Dr only popped into the room after reviewing the pics to say that everything is great!

He's a bit big, like Nate was at the ultrasound, but still within the realm of normal, so they are keeping my due date at Sept 21. If I've told you the due date is Sept 22, I don't know why I keep doing that. It's the 21st. For sure. If you go by averages, he was measuring 19 weeks and 2-4 days, and I was 18 weeks pregnant. His head circumference, though, was 20 weeks even. I think Rodgers must come from a people of large skulls.

We haven't settled on a name yet, and when we do, I won't be telling. With Nate, we told the name as soon as we left the ultrasound (my choice). We changed the middle name right before he was born, and kept that secret. Rodgers likes keeping things secret, so we're keeping the name to ourselves this time. I will say that it will be a boy name and will not be yooneek. :)

For now, he's going by "Baby Brother." I ask Nate, "Where's your baby brother?" And he points to my tummy, sometimes going so far as to lift up my shirt and reveal my belly, which he finds endlessly amusing.


  1. Being your sister, I already knew all this, but I have to say that I love your new Widdlytinks picture. It's adorable!

  2. You know that I tend to give the un-born a name so that I don't have to keep saying 'Rachel's baby,' or something. But right now all I call him is "Nate's baby!" I figure he will think of him that way, since he owns all things. So, that is his name at my house for now.

  3. So on the Widdlytinks picture, is the last one "baby bear" or "baby bean"? I guess either way works.

  4. Yay on finding out Nate will have a little brother :) And I have to admit I'm a tad jealous that Nate points to your belly... my daughter is still clueless about the whole thing. Hope you are feeling well!

  5. Aw yay for baby brothers!!


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