gender prediction :)

In less than 2 weeks, we will be looking at this baby bean via ultrasound. As long as s/he cooperates, we will know if s/he is a he or a she!

For the record, here is what the old wives say:

Carrying high and wide, girl; low and all out front, boy :: I'm not sure whether I'm low or high, but definitely out front and not at all wide yet. This one leans toward BOY

Wedding ring on a string moves in a circle, girl; side to side, boy :: I just did this test - it was side to side. BOY

Heartrate faster than 140, girl; lower than 140, boy :: The first time, it was 170. This week it was in the 160s. GIRL

Bad morning sickness, girl; minimal morning sickness, boy :: If that's the case, this is the kind of girl that you'll see on Toddlers and Tiaras one day. GIRL

Looks: round face, bad acne, significant boob growth, girl; hair growing faster on legs, wider nose, cold feet, minimal boob growth, boy :: I've got a little bit of acne, but not very bad; I'm still wearing the same bra size; and my feet are cold. I think we're leaning towards boy on this one. BOY

Cravings: sweets, fruit, OJ, girl; salty foods and protein, boy :: Before reading this, I just had to have a leftover piece of pizza with an OJ and Sprite cocktail. That's a little of

Previous kids' first words: if Nate said Mama first, girl; Daddy first, boy :: We know he's a Daddy's boy! BOY

If a toddler boy expresses interest in a pregnant woman, it's a girl; if he ignores her, it's a boy :: We have a few friends with toddler boys. They seem to like me. GIRL

If a woman prefers to lay on her right side, girl; left side, boy :: GIRL

Tally that up. I think it's a tie.

Then there's the Chinese gender chart, which is complicated because you have to figure out your lunar age and the lunar month of conception. Lucky for you, I did the math. It says: GIRL.

QOTW: You're a frog! You're supposed to have cold feet!


  1. I was just thinking TWINS when Amy was talking about this tie. Then you mention twins. What is going on? Let's see that ultrasound again.

  2. Well, the prayers going up for twins are for someone else, but maybe you'll be the lucky one. Maybe if we talk about twins enough none of us will get them.

    Muppet Treasure Island, Miss Piggy

  3. So I tallied up my score and I'm at a tie as well, but our u/s showed boy! Can't wait to hear what your results are!

  4. So I hate to bring this up, but triplets run in this family as well.


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