For my 12th birthday (if I remember correctly), I was given a super fun gift: Creepy Crawlers. It is an oven similar to an Easy Bake, but comes with little metal trays and "Plasti-Goop," with which you make little rubbery bugs. They are fun to make! I have heard that they now have gummy solution, so that you can make edibles. That sounds like even more fun.

Every now and then, when I am at my parents' house, my dad goes to Toys 'R' Us to buy some Plasti-Goop and pulls out the Creepy Crawlers for us to make some. My parents have moved a billion times since I left home. I moved back home once or twice and had "my room" at their house again, but still, they have moved a billion more times. That they still have the Creepy Crawlers is a testament to just how much fun we've had making rubber bugs over the years. The fact that it still works after 18 years is simply amazing.

While we were in Texas in January, of course, we made Creepy Crawlers. Nate and Ben were already asleep for the night by the time we got it out, but they had a lot of fun playing with the bugs the next morning. Rodgers did not participate, as he wasn't feeling well (possibly flu). Only one was ripped to pieces: the giant spider, which was a new mold.

Giant spider cooking

I don't think I realized before that they would stick to the wall. 


  1. Most of them are sitting on the counter or the dining table. But I did 'find' one in the couch last week. Not sure if that was an accident or left by your FATHER who was sleeping there, trying to avoid his own flu contamination.


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